Sunday, May 27, 2012

Quick update

It's been such a long while since my last post. Don't know if anyone still reads this so just a quick update.
Been busy with new job, new house (yes again) and baby Kiegan. This rascal is now at his 17th month. Main milestone was walking before his 1st birthday, teething a little slowly still currently.
Photo of Kiegan at his 12-13th month at Hillbrooks

Thursday, December 23, 2010

New life begins...

Life is going to be so different now... with the new addition to my family - my boy Kiegan!

Have always wondered how my life would be if I became a mommy... Well, it's totally different. There is no MY lifestyle anymore. It's always to suit my newborn... Every morning now is a routine. Wake up wash up, bath Kiegan, make Kiegan sleep, take my breakfast, feed Kiegan etc. I get to sleep when he goes to sleep. Going out is even more challenging!

It's a blessing I have my mother in law staying with me. She took turns to help look after Kiegan (with the help of my helper - Cherly).

Just had baby shower for Kiegan briefly at my place with mainly relatives and some close friends. Time really flies! I was probably too sleep deprived that I didn't realise it's been a month already.

Well, here are some photos we took when Kiegan's 2 wks old.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What happened to me now??

It's been a long while since my last inputs in my blog...
Some quick update of my life for now...

1) Change of job
I'm no longer working for Times Printers since last December... have moved on to KWF Printing which is located at Yishun. So far so good with colleagues there, except for 1 or 2. I blew my top at this female colleague few mths back, as I found out that she has been purposely delaying my jobs and been talking bad about me behind my back. My patience for her ended when I found out that she has, without my permission, turned on my computer & checking on my emails! Since then, it's only talk about work with her, 100%. period.

2) Moving to new house

Finally have moved into our new place at Hillview. No more hawker right below... Missed ABC market's food man! Supposed to be nearer to workplace but I am still reaching office late everyday!! Ha... Anyhow, it's been more than a month since we moved here... and we are still touching up on our house! Had alot of issues with our contractor (who happened to be my 20+ yrs old frd). Sigh!!!

Eythan has been very frustrated whenever he's home & spotted mistakes & bad workmanships... Hopefully our nightmare will end soon & we can peacefully enjoy this new house. Will slowly post more photos of our house soon... Meanwhile, here is the latest furnishing we've got last week, for our patio!

3) The new Tiger Club
I am now 23 weeks pregnant and my Tiger boy is expected to say hi come early Nov. So far, with all the new changes to my life (as mentioned above), I have not really enjoyed my pregnancy yet... Or will I? Maybe this is all for being pregnant. Heard about some women being super elated, some become depressed. For me, it's just simple happiness, esp. when he kicks hard. In another few weeks, these kicks will become hard to bear! Haha...

Well, Eythan + Myself + new Tiger Cub = we are the 三只老虎 aka 老虎队!!

Sneak peek of my boy at 16th week!


4) New Kid on the Block
Last sat we had a mini get-together at my eldest sis Suz's house. Ordered Shepherd's Pie + Pizza Hut and watched DVD! After reaching home at 1.30am & almost hitting my pillow at 2am, we've got the call from Suz that she seems to have broken her water bag and was on their way to Mt Alvernia to deliver! OMG... that whole night, we sisters couldn't really sleep due to the overwhelming excitement! Ha...

At 3.27am that night, baby "K.L." was out!! I am calling him K.L. for now as my sis have not decided on "Kyler Peck" or simple "Bai Kai Le" (chinese). K.L. weigh at a light 2.475kg & at 50cm long. Talking about him, I missed him now! Supposed to visit him again this evening but sis just informed that K.L. is "suntanning" til tomorrow, due to jaundice. :(

Friday, March 5, 2010

My little green

Today, I just want to say I miss my 'lil green at old place. I 'adopted' it from the rubbish bin & gave it a new potty from Daiso. Within weeks, it grew a new sprout.

I think it knew I was leaving the company & just withered few days before my last day there. :(

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My new niece - Elysha

My sister popped on Halloween Day 30 Oct 2009 with this little one. In total, there are 5 Octo babies in my family. My dad, eldest sis, mom, Tino & now Elysha!

Now Elysha at her 3rd month, she is no longer too soft and is so adorable I got addicted to her smell. I love to smell her like a durian. Ha...

From such infant age, we can all tell that this lady here is obstinate and "yim gim". She doesn't like to be touched on her hands/fingers. Too bad now she is defenceless, we all just love kissing her all over!

This is weird... but I always open my photo albums just to look at her photos & videos and missing her. Sharon, on the other hand, always video call me so that I can look at her in the office or home. She makes all sorts of noises when sleeping or having her milk! Ha...

I did this collage of Elysha and her elder sister, Eiliyah when they were both 1 day old. Look at their resemblances!! Photocopied from same machines. Haha...
Let just see how pretty she will be when Elysha grows up.

 We reckon she will look like Eiliyah too!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Phuket 22-26 Nov 09

It was considered my best holiday todate! Such a romantic hotel, built just 3 yrs ago! To us, it is a 5 stars rated hotel. 

For daily breakfast, you can opted to have it in your room, in the open terrace or by the pool. Shiok man!!

On our 2nd day, we went for the theatre show at Phuket Fantasea ( On the exterior, you can see 999 sculptures of elephants (considered as their sacred & worshipped animal). For S$20, we get to take a portrait with a tiger cub. Dinner was splendid! Wide range of food served like  for royalties.

Eythan took this opportunity to tailor make a business suit. For G2000 price, you can get pretty decent all cotton suit.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Our next holiday!

I'm hooked on vacation holidays! Ha... So glad to know that Eythan has few days annual leave to clear before year end (and exams).

We spent a short while visiting tour agencies at Pearl Centre (when treating my injured wrist recently) & shortlisted few vacation locations - Maldives, Mauritius, China, Phuket & Goldcoast.
I have always wanted to go Maldives/Mauritius for those ocean villas! Imagine you can dive straight into the clear blue sea right from the doors (and windows) of your room. Shiok!! Too bad, the one I like and with promotional rates is fully booked until Nov. :(
We explored China tours to JiuZaiGou. Scrapped this idea once I heard alot of time needed for the road. I don't want to end up puking on my vacation!

Finally booked Phuket 'cos Goldcoast's dates clashed with Eythan's new semester. 

It was love at first sight when I spotted this small hotel on one of the websites. Never seen this around before! Check out the photos on their homepage.

They have daybeds on the big balcony!! Now we can finally sunbath in our own room! Yippeee...

Another good thing about this hotel is... It has free wifi! So Eythan & I will be bringing our own lappies there. Will post online real time photos when there next week 22nd - 26th Oct!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wat'm I up to lately?

It's been quite a long while since I log in to my blog for any serious updates. This has not seem to be on any of my topmost To-Do list lately.

Been searching for our new house & went few viewings at the following:

New launches
- Fontaine Perry = Nice... but seriously overpriced! :( Crazy crazy crazy...
- Hillvista @ Hillview = Very good location (near future mrt) but good units not launched yet.

Resales houses below (more affordable choice) :
- Ventana @ Pasir Panjang Hill (where I used to stay.) = Very exp location!
- D' Hillside Loft @ PP Hill again = Again, expensive!
- Palm Green @ Pasir Panjang Rd = Very dirty unit as few indian NTU students currently renting this place)
- Palm Haven @ Kovan = nice place as we went to see Yoke's sister, Adeline's 2 bedder unit. However pool is right infront of all 1st floor units.
- 28@Jansen @ Kovan = Just an ok condo with an ok pool. Not exciting.
- Palm Grove @ Kovan = our most ideal project so far. Almost bought a 3 bedroom there but was hit by the height of property prices. So we lost in our offer.
- Houses @ Thong Soon Green = where my SIL (sister in law) is staying = it's another consideration from condos. Different commitment, different budget, different future plans. Gotto think think think...

Going for a viewing later today again! Penthouse at Palm Grove. Hee... When & where will we buy?? Probably early next year cos waiting for price to soften... unless we see something we can't resist. I can't wait!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dim Sum crave

Last month I had this sudden cravings for DIM SUM!! Make some efforts to go different places for different dim sum with different people. Ha... 

The photos are Red Star Restaurant at Blk 54 Chin Swee Rd.

So many awards!

Went on weekday, very very quiet... But went again one weekend, this is what u get!!! Super long queue!!

After that May month of dim sum-ing, I stopped until now... Hope I will not get sick of it!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fire! Fire! Fire! 10 May 2009

This night, Eythan & I were watching my favorite actor, Ashton Kutcher's comedy romance when we smelled something strong and burnt. 10 mins later, we received a blackout. The end of my movie + fan in a damn hot day in May!

Apparently, a fire broke out 2 storeys above! So... kpo nature kicked in and immediately we went took a look. Saw black smoke coming out from above and few firemen. 

Soon we were asked to evacuate to the ground floor where we waited for an hour or so... Neighbours said that the resident is an indian and is always drunk. One said he always throw beer bottles from his window!

Saw small flame from below.

The next day, we went up to the unit for a (kpo) look again. Need to snap snap to show you guys mah!

The ceiling of the corridor is charred from the smoke.

The inside of the house are all charred at the aftermath. 

Bad news for one family but good news for many. Days later the Unit No. #4520 of the said house came out 1st in the 4D!! Number not in sequence though but surely many people has benefitted.

Mothers Day!

Eythan brought 3 mothers (his mom & 2 aunts) for dinner for Mothers Day celebration. 

We went Suntec to fetch the mothers after their concert at Convention Hall. They went for that concert performed by many popular Taiwan actors/actresses. In the car, these mothers suddenly became somewhat like our daughters! Haha... So excited about meeting which actor/actress, who is prettier and handsomer etc. 

Brought them for zhi cha at our usual Geylang popular seafood restaurant. 

For the 1st time, we ordered a new dish - Shark's cartilage (on its head, see below T-shaped bone). The staff recommended this dish for mothers because it's good for Guan Jie Yan (not sure what this is though).

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Scrabbling Scrabble Scrabbler!

As like many others, my company has implemented the recession strategies and what my GM assured is currently the "least painful" options. Every month from February, our plant and office will be shutdown for abt 4 days (compulsory annual leave).

I do have to agree with my GM. In fact, I kind of enjoying this option!

Now I can catch up with my long overdue plans to do my stuffs and also rest plenty! And PLAY!!

Was at Villa Bali with my friend this hot afternoon, enjoying a cold Czech beer & playing Scrabble. Lost a round and have to pay for the beer + snacks! #$%@!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wedding night (not ours again!)

Recently we have attended a wedding of Eythan's ex-colleague at Jurong Bird Park. It suddenly dawned upon me that I have missed this tiny spot in Singapore for like ... almost 20 yrs??!

Anyway the park is so nice and oh, how I miss that smelly, musky stench (as if)! Ha...
Right at the main entrance, we were greeted by many mandarin ducks! So cute!!

In a few minutes walk, we arrived at the restuarant where the wedding was held. Our table was right at the glass wall where you see a small lake which was donned with many many many pink flamingoes! What a picturesque scene!! I was so overwhelmed by the view, I was least interested in the buffet spread.

Note: do not expect any nice picture with my new smart mobile phone now. Compromise, compromise, compromise... Sigh...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

East Coast day

This is quite an old event which I didn't have the time to post it.

There was a weekend Jessie, my colleague and I went East Coast for our favorite Coffee Bean & hung around by the beach. The weather was pretty good and cool as we found a spot under a shady tree.
Just as I was in the relax mood, my friend said she was "going to have heat stroke" and have to pack! Argh...

We decided to go cycling... Never cycled for quite some time so we booked the bicycle for 2hrs. Just half hour cycling, the heavy clouds decided to pour!! $#%@... Well, we spent the rest of the afternoon inside this shelter with like 1,000 children!... Sigh...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Friday Night Movie

A friend gave us a free pair of movie tickets to Shaw & we went for "Marley & Me" at Lido. We were busy shopping so we ended up missed about 10mins to the show. We missed the front part where Marley started as a puppy!! *sob*

Anyway this show is over-rated. To me, it's just an ok one...

Finally got myself a Lacoste polo tee, which will not make me look round or wrapped! Ha... How can I not?? When Eythan is such an ardent fan of Lacoste! He MUST go into this shop whenever we are near & swear by this brand.

I always thought that their female apparels is boring... He always wanted to buy me one for like years but I just can't find any I fancy. Anyhow, I like this red "Vintage Wash" tee especially the logo is so unique. Damn cute! Wanted to buy another KID tee for myself but they feel so thin.

See the different logos? Mine is the top left! Can't wait for the Spring collection come April!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Popping away....

Finally got a chance to try the DIY popcorn I bought from Taiwan! I was actually quite excited when preparing it... Will it explode inside the microwave? What if they're not cooked or burnt after I opened? Ha... 

The original packaging before putting it into the microwave.

The process in just 5 mins... After 1min, you can hear the popping sound & smell the sweet butter! It becomes so big after 4 mins I have to stand behind my kitchen door (in case it explodes!) Ha...
Actually I'm not really the movie popcorn person... Eythan is! He loves popcorn when watching movie whereas I prefer nacho. He always get what he likes as nacho is "more expensive" and heavy for our stomach!  :(

Anyway Eythan finished the whole bag and as you can see, there are indeed many corns not popped yet, as the bottom! Wasted.